Murder (2004) Hindi Movie Watch Online Full DVD Movie

Murder (2004) Hindi Movie Watch Online Informations: Simran and Sudhir Saigal have been married for several years, and are settled in Bangkok, Thailand. They live a fairly harmonious but busy lives, and have a child, a son. When Sudhir returns unexpectedly, he finds his wife is having anaffair with another man. He hires a private detective by the name of Ramanathan, who produces photographicevidence of her affair with a male, whose name is Sunny. Sudhir decides to meet Sunny, and there is a physical confrontation, which results in Sunny’s death. Sudhir takes the body, and buries it elsewhere, and returns home. A few days Bangkok Police Inspector Rajvir Singh arrives at their house to inquire about Sunny, who has been reported as missing. Shortly thereafter, Sudhir receives incriminating photographs of himself burying Sunny’s body. Sudhir tells Simran about his secret, and together they go to check if the body is still buried. Their shocking findings at the site will change their lives forever.


Murder (2004) Hindi Movie Watch Online Full DVD Movie

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