Kadhal Pisase 2012 Tamil Movie

Kadhal Pisase 2012 Tamil Movie Watch Online Informations  Director : Arvind N Producer : Ravi Gunasingham Music Director : Sabesh Murali Release Date : Nov 2012 Genre : Action, Romance Language : Tamil Cast : Aravind, Mithuna, Anitha Reddy, Santhanam Descriiption: Tamil Movie Kadhal Pisase releases today to allure the audiences. But the question hits the mind whether it has potential to interest the viewers? Well, to get the answer, go on reading the review. The leading actor of the movie Aravindan does various jobs at this junction – he acts in the film, produces it and then directs it. No harm in having various tasks at one platform – but shouldn’t one think prior to making the attempts whether one has potential to justify all the jobs fetched to doll up? Guess, Aravindan has not thought even for a moment on this question. Had he thought of it, he would not have gone with it.


Kadhal Pisase 2012 Tamil Movie

Kadhal Pisase 2012 Tamil Movie Watch Online Full Movie

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