Ishq (1997) Hindi Movie Watch Online Full DVD Movie

Ishq (1997) Hindi Movie Watch Online Informations: In order to prevent their children from marrying poor spouses, wealthy Ranjit Rai, and his close and equally wealthy friend, Harbanslal, deceive their children. They get them to sign a marriage certificate, which states that Ranjit’s son,Ajay, is married to Harbanslal’s daughter, Madhu. But both Ajay and Madhu fall in love with Kajal and Raja who are poor. Ranjit and Harbanslal concoct several schemes but are unable to separate the lovers, and then finally give in to their demands, and arrange their engagement. Things get complicated when intimate photographs of Kajal and Raja surface, and their authenticity is vouched for by none other than Kajal’s paternal uncle.


Ishq (1997) Hindi Movie Watch Online Full DVD Movie

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