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E-MUSIC TV CHANNEL LIVE WATCH ONLINE INFORMATIONS: E-MUSIC TV is the world’s first and only truly interactive music television channel on the worldwide web where viewers from around the world influence the program line-up. It is the only channel where viewers run the show, and is brought to you by the pioneers of interactive music television who have launched the careers of hundreds of well known artists today’s-MUSIC is 100% music – 24/7 E-MUSIC has up to 500 music videos available to choose from. You choose the music line-up by going to the Video List – By Artist in E-Music Live and choosing up to 5 music videos per day. These music videos play out in the order that the requests are received. Currently, millions of viewers are interacting with E-MUSIC.E-MUSIC is the only interactive channel on the web that lets viewers decide the hits. Music fans control the future of music. And music fans control E-MUSIC. E-MUSIC is a TV channel for people who love to hear and watch music television. It’s interactive entertainment that keeps up with the pace of the brain.

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